What is PhotoStream2Folder

When you take a picture with your iPhone or your iPad, the picture gets stored on the PhotoStream.

In Apple's world, the picture can only be retrieved using iPhoto or Aperture. However users of alternative photo management software (like Lightroom or Picasa) may want to have the pictures stored in a folder of their choice.

This is where PhotoStream2Folder plays a role. It automatically detects when a new picture gets available in the PhotoStream and stores it where you want.

What users say

"Keep up the good work", David

"Thanks for creating such a handy app!", Chris

"Thank you for this brilliant application, it has made managing my photo stream much, much easier", Darren

"I like the app and simplicity of use", Spencer

"Many thanks for writing the PhotoStream2Folder program.  It sounds like just what I need.", Carolyn

"I'm an absolute fan of PhotoStream2Folder", Wijnand

"Thanks for the great software :-)", Sean

"Nice application,. Thank you for creating it", David